2012: Desiging With Games @ PACE University Seidenberg School of Computer Science

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Design With Games is a course that introduces adolescents to interactive media via the visual programing language 'Game Salad'. Throughout this course, youth will cultivate systems and computational thinking skills as they engage in an intensive, student-centered gaming experience. Working with found images and sound, participants will design a narrative and framework for their own games. By the end of Design With Games, youth will be able to understand the facets of game design, know how to create their own with the software program, and engage in disseminating their discoveries with the class and within the online arcade community of Game Salad.
"This game was part of a one week game design class in partnership with PACE University PACE Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Exerblast, an interactive youth activity center. The program is a Technology workshop for teens who are challenged with high-functioning Autism. Our outcomes of the class is to strengthen digital literacy, introduction to a potential vocational option via community-based learning, and to emphasize physical activity and awareness." [PACE U Camp, Exerblast, Class Documentation]