2011: Art of Science @ Brooklyn School of Inquiry + The Academy of Talented Scholars

The Art of Science course integrates science content with arts curricula. Students will build and explore a series of low-cost, electronic and Do-It-Yourself craft projects that demonstrate some properties of physical science as they pertain to the creative process. The Art of Science workshop will focus on student-centered learning and exploration using the workshop room as a creative lab space. Within this creative lab space students will do more than work with creative materials, they will creative their own by exploring properties of electricity, light, energy, mass and temperature. Some projects include play-dough circuits, light-up Valentine’s Day cards, and arts tool making. Throughout the workshop sessions, students will keep ‘lab manuals’ as journals of their predictions, explorations and progress. The outcome of this course is to teach problem-solving skills and procedure through explorations and documentation (in lab manuals) of creative and expressive materials. Students will engage in free-play with newly introduced materials and content before recording their findings in their ‘lab manuals’. ‘Lab manuals’ will serve as comprehension assessments, creative portfolios and student reference guides for replicating projects after the culmination of the workshop.