2007: Introduction to Design @ Parsons Art, Media + Technology

Bootcamp Description

The MFA Design+Technology Program is an intense, immersive experience. Students entering the program need to work fluently and fluidly in web development as well as visual and interactive design. Boot Camp is a three-week summer course that brings students up to speed so they can dive directly into conceptual and practical work from day one in the Fall semester. The substance of the curriculum focuses on web development, interactive design, and code; but the broader experience offers a dedicated time for each entering class to test themselves and each other, to collaborate, and to forge bonds. Boot Camp is strongly recommended by the department for everyone.

Course Description

Introduction to Interactive Design: There will be a strong emphasis of the mission of the Design and Technology Program: how to disseminate information through type, composition and aesthetics; how art and design influence each other; the application of technology and methodology, to design concepts, the importance of skill in design, and art looking at the intersection of design, technology and the human condition. (Graduate level)