2012: Game Design @ Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science

"Part of a two week game design class in partnership with the NYC Dpt of Ed, Middle School Urban Assembly School of Applied Math and Science, and Wingspan Arts, The NYC Summer Quest program is geared at preventing summer learning loss for 6-8th grades. The Game Design portion of the program teaches introductory systems and computational thinking under the exciting culture of game modification. Utilizing Gamesalad templates, these teenagers gain digital literacy by remixing found interactions to create their own designs." [ NYC Summer Quest, Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science, Wingspan Arts ]

"NYC Summer Quest hopes to prevent summer learning loss and promote summer learning gain that will help to narrow the achievement gap. Pending the pilot’s success the DOE hopes to roll the program out not only in other boroughs, but in traditional summer school programs as well, bringing innovation in building student proficiency." ~ Partnership With Children

NYC Summer Quest highlights on Fund for Public Schools Site